The Historic Virtual Air Force (HvAF) is a virtual military organization simulating the operations of the United States Air Force and Army Air Force from World War II until The Gulf War. We are an entirely volunteer run organization by fans of historic military aircraft and the stories held by their former crews.

As technology continues to progress and the role of the military pilot becomes more and more automated, it's nice to take a step back and see where we have come from. We offer a little of everything here at the HvAF, Strike, Air Combat, Cargo Transport, Bombing, VIP transport and more. We do our best to accommodate every pilots unique interests. With this in mind, we allow pilots to fly as many airplanes as they would like (so long as they complete training in each).

As mentioned above, we offer many different types of flying. Because of this, we organize pilots into a ‘command’ (of their choice). The Air Combat Command (ACC) performs strike and air combat missions with our wide array of fighter aircraft. The Air Mobility Command (AMC) transports cargo and troops between air bases as well as flying VIP personnel such as the President. The Strategic Air Command (SAC) are the pilots in charge of our bombers. The final command is the Air Education Training Command (AETC). This is where all new pilots begin and do their Initial and Mission Qualification Training before joining their primary command.

We hope you in the air here at the HvAF soon! If you have any questions, dont hesitate to contact us! You can reach us at: rbadger@historicairforce.com

Blue Skies,

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The HvAF is powered by the pilots. Without a roster of motivated and active pilots, this organization grinds to a halt. We work with each and every pilot to make sure that every member enjoys their time with the HvAF. All questions, comments, concerns etc. work their way up the chain of command to the senior leadership

The staff at the HvAF is just as dedicated. The entire senior leadership team work day in and day out to improve the organization. Whether that be new programs, new training options, simple website fixes or any other of the countless tasks they undertake each day.

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Once completing training, pilots will be transferred to one of these three MAJCOMS based on their primary airframe choice

Air Combat Command

The ACC is the primary provider of air combat forces for the Air Force. All fighter jets are a part of the ACC.

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Air Mobility Command

The Air Mobility Command's mission is to provide global air mobility. All cargo, transport and VIP aircraft are a part of the AMC.

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Strategic Air Command

The SAC controls all of the bombers of the HvAF. Besides bombing, all reconaisance aircraft and aerial control aircraft are a part of the SAC.

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